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James Arthur Smith IV

James A Smith IV

James A. Smith IV is the co-owner of Music Deal Publishing, he is also the owner of the record label WordSmith Records. Both businesses are located in Southern Illinois.

As a publisher of Music Deal Publishing and as the Director of WordSmith Records, Mr. Smith helps to make sure day to day activities run to plan. In addition to these duties he also works hands on with many of our projects and ensures quality and procedures are met as required.

Publishing Administrator / Creative Department
Ashlee Smith

Ashlee M. Smith

Ashlee M. Smith is a co-owner and publishing Administrator of Music Deal Publishing, she is also a part of the creative department. Ashlee is a head member of our team that views and or listens to songs/lyrics/compositions submitted to Music Deal Publishing for determination of a deal.

The Company
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Music Deal Publishing

Music Deal Publishing is an independent music publishing company based out of Marion Illinois. The publishing company was originally only an internal department of the record label WordSmith Records but they have expanded the music publishing department in order to take on new songwriters/compositions starting on 1/1/2016. Music Deal Publishing handles many aspects of the business side when it comes to publishing. Our company makes it possible for up and coming artists to get a publishing deal and perform tasks and reach goals they might not be capable of without us. The services that Music Deal Publishing offers goes beyond a lot of other music publishing companies.

Here are some services we provide:

Music Recording - Studio - Agent - Mix & Mastering - Record Label - Distribution - Music Publishing - Management - Advertising - Promoter - Graphics - Media - Booking - Marketing - Event Planning - A&R Scout - Sales - Band Development - Entertainment - Video Creation - Audio Engineering

Any inquiries about Music Deal Publishing's services or songwriter submissions, please go to the Contact Page and contact the appropriate contact destination. Also, feel free to use the contact form for a faster response time.

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